1.Opening Time:

Thursday to Tuesday                       8:30am – 5:30pm

Wednesdays                                    Closed

2. Please note that members and/or their guests should exercise due care when using the facilities in the clubhouse as the Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong will not accept responsibility for any loss and/or injury whatsoever occasioned by the members and/or their guests.

3. Members should bring your own membership card.

4. Hot water supply for the Changing Rooms will be temporary suspension between 1 April and 30 November every year or air temperature above 25℃.

5. To maintain a good environment inside the Storage of Boards and Sails Area. All illegally stored equipment in the Clubhouse area, upon found, would be moved away without further notice and WAHK will take no responsibility of any loss or damage and may charge you for moving away expenses.

6. The bottom of the board racks is so designed that nothing was put underneath allowing the dirty water to flow through. The ground should keep dry not to allow the mosquitoes to lay eggs.  Therefore, any objects put underneath the board racks will be removed and treated as waste without any notice.

7. Lockers are for members only during the Clubhouse Opening period. All contents left in the lockers will be vacated after the closure of Clubhouse.