Appointment of Principal Race Officer Scheme

WAHK had organized two training courses for Principal Race Officer (PRO) in 1998 and 2008 respectively and 24 PROs had been appointed by the General Committee in total. However, active PROs are become less and less in past years with their engagement of other roles in the sport or other personal reasons. In order to maintain adequate PROs for WAHK heavily competition schedule, the Race Official Committee consider to establish a regular program to appoint qualified PROs.

The Proposal
To be a qualified PRO, applicants should possess the following characteristics:

    1. Profound knowledge and experience in the sport of sailing or windsurfing
    2. Excellent management and leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and attributes
    3. Full enthusiasm and passion, high expectation and demanding, self discipline and commitment, strong determination and confidence
    4. Think independently, creatively and critically, work conscientiously and willing to take up responsibility

Hence, we recommend the basic requirements for the PRO applicants as follows:

    1. Holder of the WAHK/HKCAP Basic and Intermediate Race Management Certificate
    2. Be a racing sailor or race management official for a minimum of 5 years with proven records
    3. Physically capacity to fulfill the requirements of his or her discipline
    4. Agree to support the policies of WAHK and further its objectives, rules and regulations
    5. Serve as an Assistant Race Officer responsible for the management of the races on the water in two Hong Kong Circuit or Hong Kong Open events
    6. Obtain two completed recommended assessment forms from the responsible PRO of the event and Race Official Committee Chairperson or his/her designated person

Prepared by :
James Chik
Race Official Committee Date : 25 March, 2013

Conveners of Race Officers Team:

Mr. Chan Tsz Kit

Ms. Chau Hung Ying

Name List of WAHK Race Officers

Ms. Chan Hoi Suen, Olivia
Mr. Chan Yim Wai
Ms. Chau Hung Ying, Joan
Mr. Chau Ngai Man
Mr. Cheng Hing Lun
Ms. Cheng Kam Chee, Polina
Ms. Cheng Yuen Yee
Mr. Chik Kai Chung, James
Mr. Chik Wai On
Mr. Chong Chun Piu, Johnny
Mr. Ho Nang San
Mr. Kwok Ho
Mr. Kwok Shek Ming
Mr. Lam Wing Chung, Daniel

Mr. Lam Yick Leung, Stephen
Mr. Law Chi Wai, Eddie
Ms. Leung Hong Yee
Mr. Li Wai Lun, Marco
Mr. Lue Ming Wai, Richard
Mr. Ma Kwok Po
Mr. So Sum Yau, Anson
Mr. Tang Luen Chun, Nelson
Mr. Tang Sik Lit
Mr. To Lok Yiu
Mr. Wong Ming Yin, Charles
Mr. Wong Po Chiu, Markus
Mr. Yu Shuen Yeung